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Approaching Supply Chain Architectures & Structures

The issue of supply chain architecture and structure is closely related to relationship building. This issue deals with how the supply chain is structured and involves dealing with issues such as the level of integration and coordination between supply chain partners. It also addresses how much visibility (i.e., how far up and down the supply chain) is needed. In light of these issues, we will help you answer the following critical questions:
  • What are the various organizational structures available to the firm and under what conditions are the various structures most appropriate or least appropriate?

  • How does an organization manage the process of realigning its structure?

  • What structures are appropriate for emerging supply markets?

  • What is the role of technology in supply chain structures?

  • What factors influence the performance and sustainability of each structure?

  • What are the performance implications of the various supply chain structures and architectures?

  • Guidelines for helping manage transition from one supply chain architecture form to another?
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