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Demonstrated Track Record of LC&RS Success

Our team of functional logisticians, technical and systems architecture engineers, and analysts provide an unbeatable team to help our Department of Defense and industry customers modernize supply chains and achieve higher profits, lessen risk, and perform at greater efficiency.

We strive to build long-term relationships with our customers in order to sustain supply chain performance and support a healthy bottom line from initial installation into the future.

Direct Experiences with DoD
  • US Army DCS, G-46(CIO); DCS, G-44(Supply); DCS, G-44(Maintenance); DCS, G-44(Distribution) – Policy and Planning; Focus Groups; IPT; LATF; AR 700-85; DA Pam 700-85; and POM development
  • LIA – AIT Assessment; pRFID modeling; use-case demonstration; NGWC
  • JSJ-4 – Planning IPT; developing CONOPS; current ops issues
  • PEO EIS PM SALE (PM GCSS-F/T; PM PLM+); PM SARSS; PM J-AIT; PM MTS; PM TC AIMS II – AIT integration/insertion use-case; PDK development; POM and UFRs
  • PM Future Combat Systems – AIT and log system data threads; ERP integration
  • ACOM; FORSCOM; TRADOC (CASCOM); HQ AMC; LAISO; ASC – unit moves; Depot integration of AIT; use-case demonstrations
  • COCOM; CENTCOM; PACOM; NORTHCOM - AIT operational requirement for AV in OIF/OEF; PDK fielding; IPT
  • NGB – ARNG – AIT AV and CONUS SC ITV initiatives
  • Services USAF AIT; USMC AIT; US Navy AIT; NAVAIR – AIT Planning IPT
  • Service Providers USTRANSCOM; DLA – AIT Planning IPT; use-case demonstrations; CBAT; COP D2
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