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Suite of LC&RS Service Offerings

LC&RS provides a full suite of executive level business program design services to develop best solutions to optimize supply chain operations for our customer that includes:
  • Unique Identification
  • Radio Frequency Identification
  • Performance Based Logistics
  • Lean Six Sigma Implementation
  • Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) Model Expertise
  • Risk Management
  • Business Management Modernization Program
  • Budget Formation and Financial Strategy
  • Key Performance Parameters
  • Information Technology Programmatic
  • Life Cycle Logistics
  • Test and Evaluation
We employ the most recent proven automatic identification and radio frequency technologies through the spectrum of automation architectures.

Our objective is to offer our customers practical concepts for strategic solutions that provide sustained profitability employing the best practices attainable for their specific operational requirements. Therefore we work with our customers to select the best quality integration and product providers to meet their current and emerging needs.
  • Concept of Operations (CONOPS) and Strategic Implementation Planning for current and emerging automatic identification technology (AIT)/ radio frequency identification (RFID) as part of Logistics Enterprise Automation Architectures

    Benefit to You: Targeted operational strategies that optimize people, process, technology and financial resources to achieve early and sustained results.
  • Functional and technical engineering subject matter expertise in Defense logistics, product development, and solution design

    Benefit to You: We design and deliver leading edge solutions that work by capitalizing on both commercial and Federal sector industry emerging practices as well as lessons learned.

  • Solution strategies leveraging passive RFID in warehouse, distribution, and rebuilt/remanufacturing using ERP

    Benefit to You: We take the risk out of the equation based on the depth and breadth of our technical capabilities as well as our core competence in change transition planning.
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